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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Christopher WardChristopher Ward
1st time pass
Wanting to learn to drive before my A-levels was in important thing for me. Stan was an amazing teacher, who was able work around a tight schedule to fit me in whenever I could. His manner, throughout my lessons, was exemplary- always calm, collected, and patient. The way he planned out his lessons really helped me focus on what I needed to improve, and the LDC book provided me with the knowledge on how to do so. Stan was highly recommended by my older brother who had passed first time (with Stan), and I will continue to recommend Stan to others. It was due to Stan’s brilliant teaching, that I was able to pass first time with 2 months of lessons. Thank you Stan!

Sam GoddardSam Goddard
1st time pass
My lessons with Stan were absolutely fantastic. He was consistently patient, understanding and forgiving, and we had quite a few laughs along the way as well!! With the help of the LDC workbook, I felt that I made notable progress every time that we went out, and I managed to pass after twenty hours’ tuition. Naturally, mistakes were made along the way (on my part!), but Stan was always keen for us to resolve them ASAP and it seems that the attention paid to small details and technicalities made all the difference. I was impressed with the Volkswagen Golf; the 1.4 TSI was a very nice engine to deal with and felt well suited to the car. There was also the all-important element of “real world driving” to our lessons, meaning that we didn’t have the sole focus of just passing the test, but instead preparing me for what comes after it! All of this, alongside the fact that we went over certain things again and again, mean that I would undoubtedly recommend Stan to anyone looking for driving lessons. Thanks Stan for all your work and support!

Abi BakerAbi Baker
Great drive Abi
Thank you so much for helping me pass.

Mumba DodwellMumba Dodwell
After having two previous instructors it was great to finally have lessons with Stan as he really listens to what I didn't feel confident with and we worked at it until I did. We didn't do manoeuvres once and then move on, we worked at it and then reviewed it. I also felt that I wasn't having lessons aimed at just passing a test, but I was being prepared to drive in real life situations. I now feel confident with ALL the manoeuvres, which was never the case with previous instructors.

Luke StewartLuke Stewart
Passed 1st Time
30 hours training over 4 weeks and a first time pass. Well done Luke.

Mrs Tasha SneydMrs Tasha Sneyd
I can't believe I passed first time, and with only 3 faults.
Learning to drive with Stan has been the absolute best decision I made. Learning to drive at 31 was always going to be a challenge in itself, but with Stan's patience and expertise, I managed to pass my driving test first time! The LDC programme allows you to tailor your own lesson plans which meant anything that you were unsure of was addressed. The VW Golf which I learnt to drive in is such a lovely car which I will miss driving, it's so smooth and forgiving, especially in the early lessons and allows you to concentrate more on your surroundings, and worry less about what your feet are doing! I can't thank Stan enough without his constant reassurance and excellent teaching skill I don't think I could have got my licence.

Mr Jake TylerMr Jake Tyler
Zero faults
Stan was ready and eager for me to learn from the very beginning. Even though I didn't pass first time, he never lost faith and put in a huge effort to calm me down enough to pass my second attempt with no faults. I now have bragging rights over my entire family and everyone I know.

 Mrs Ingrida Caglar Mrs Ingrida Caglar
I have had, around 25 hours of driving lessons with Stan, and passed my test with only 2 minor faults. If you choose Stan as your instructor you will not be disappointed, Stan has taught me well and I feel safe and confident on my own. I am mum with a full time job and he was very flexible and accommodating to fit in with my schedule.

Cameron BlackCameron Black
Passed 1st Time
From novice to Test pass with only 30 hours training whilst home on leave from the Navy. Well done Cameron.

Dr. Sangita ShresthaDr. Sangita Shrestha
I live in Crawley and took driving lessons from Stan Burgan, one of the calmest people I have ever met; I think it is his greatest quality as a driving instructor. Due to school timing of my daughter as well as my work, I also had difficulty in getting a suitable time for taking lessons. Stan always supported me and managed his time to suit me which I really appreciate. He is very passionate about his job and it is no doubt that his patience to teach will reflect on anyone who learns from him and pass the driving test!

Thank you, Stan. You made me pass the test. I feel happy to drive independently!

Sam VincentSam Vincent
Stan is an excellent instructor - I passed first time much to my own surprise - I have a very difficult work schedule but Stan was able to work around it and was very understanding - the book and DVD you get are a really great help - it saves time in the car and you don't feel like you're going in without knowing anything - Stan taught me some amazing tricks to make manoeuvres really easy. Stan is one of the nicest people I have met, I used to look forward to our lessons not just for the driving but also because I had such a good time hanging out with Stan. I would recommend Stan to anyone! I have had a few driving instructors in my time and Stan was hands down the best! - Also the pricing for the service you get is very agreeable - thanks Stan for an excellent time and helping me pass first time.

The five hours I did with Stan my LDC instructor were more beneficial than the 20 lessons I had previously done with another driving school. I learnt so much more in such a short time, and the workbook and DVD really helped me to prepare for what was coming next. Many thanks Stan, I wouldn't have passed without you.

Michael WardMichael Ward
My experience with Stan and the LDC system can be summed up in one word. Wonderful!

Mark Gay-KnottMark Gay-Knott
From the moment I first sat in the car with Stan it became apparent that he wanted to be there and really wanted me to do well. He has a knack at keeping you calm and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him - the genuine smile on his face when I passed just showed how much he cared!

Ionut ZamfiracheIonut Zamfirache
It was a pleasure being in the car with Stan, he is such a nice person and I loved the way he explained new things to me in a way I could understand. He is the perfect instructor and if you go with him you will pass. Don't miss the opportunity.

Serge was so pleased he passed I am now teaching both of his daughters.